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Luca Baioni
09/02/2018 - 25/02/2018

Luca Baioni’s production is the result of a modus operandi, which is based on different non-hierarchicalised elements: world fragments, cameras, digital and analogical
post-production, paper. Everything is involved in a productive dis(continuous) process in order to give to every image a uniform and complete density.
From the beginning to the end of the process, he’s driven by a rigorous indiscipline. The method is just a way to the final result. This is true of the single images as well as the books.
“I do not think of images as a reproductions of reality, as “altered” as it may be. I create new pieces of reality, which then interact with reality itself. Through my work I do not try to communicate to humanity, to my fellow human beings, but to reality as a whole, and I want the things I produce to be “things among things” and that they become works of art only when they deeply interact with reality. I tear the world into pieces and deconstruct, rebuild, dismantle its fragments, without ever losing faith that what I produce is already in the world, though in another form, as a potential. I unfold the powers hidden in the world. I consider my work as unfolded potentials. I do not create ex nihilo, out of nothing. In the real world, I create discontinuities with the pieces of reality deployed.”
The project Demons from the old black, serpents and silence was born out of the meeting between Baioni’s photography and Paolo Bazzana’s (No Moire) researches and developments in printing techniques.
This project does not display the narration of a story, nor a defined content. The photographs chosen are the expression of “pure” and experienced feelings. The images are autonomous, like loose frames, but at the same time they are held together by a particular emotional tone which conveys on paper like a delicate silence that cross through the reality.


Luca Baioni (b. 1984) was born and grew up in Milan.
He studied at the Art Institute of Monza and the Fine Arts Academy of Brera in Milan.
While attending the academy he worked as an assistant in Alex Majoli’s studio.
In 2008 he launched and became a member of the Cesura group.
In 2010 he left Cesura and began research on new methods of photography.
His works have been exhibited in Italy and UK.

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